Dao De Jing 48
In the pursuit of learning, every day something is acquired.In the pursuit of Dao, every day
something is dropped.Less and less is done,Until Wu Wei is achieved.
When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.
The world is ruled by letting things take their course.it cannot be ruled by interfering.
About WUWEI:
Wu-Wei which is a Daoist term meaning, literally,"not to act","no-mind',"not to do "," non action","Inactivity" and so on. is the life-style of one who follows the Dao, and must be understood primarily as a form of intelligence--that is knowing the principles, structures, and trends of human and natural affairs so well that one uses the least amount of energy in dealing with them. But this intelligence is not simply intellectual; it is also the unconscious intelligence of the whole organism and, in particular, the innate wisdom of the nervous system.Wu Wei is a combination of this wisdom with taking the least line of resistance in all one's actions.  Wu Wei not often follow the implications of subjectivism , all behaviors need to allow nature to take its course, WU WEI follow the objective law.
At wu-wei, it is our feeling that aesthetic experience occurs within the phenomenal life of the individual, and necessarily crosses conventional boundaries of mind and body, subject and object. Therefore, wu-wei exists to produce and release beautiful art such as Calligraphy;painting;music;dance and martial arts and so on by significant artists of our time.
Wei Wu Wei:(Action Without Action )
Has anyone ever told you: "Just act natural"? It's impossible of course,If you're acting, it can't be natural. Lao Tzu makes the same point several times in the Dao De Jing when he recommends wei-wu-wei, literally, do-don't-do. This is a central concept in The Dao. Perhaps the best way to explain wei wu wei is to give an example. Every river flows to the ocean. An individual drop of water does not need to carve its own path; it merely needs to follow the course that has already been laid out. The drops of water are not acting on their own; they are doing what the situation calls for.
When rain falls on grass or fields, it soaks into the ground and feeds the plants. It doesn't seek the nearest river, it does what the situation calls for.
I have been study Wu Wei for some time ,so far and I felt ,the best way to know what is Wu Wei ?is not only depend on silent meditation and don't get
your self into extreme!wuwei just like ride the gray line between white & black(Ying/Yang),Whatever change occurs you will be in the right place,but not stuck in the Center or both side..wuwei often are in the two way road ,not only in your way ,and not only in my way ,if any one can achieve that, I call that is The Way of WuWei..Honestly to say it is not easy to achieve state of Wu Wei ,but it's always feel nice and peaceful just to think about what is Wu Wei? .When my life struggles,I often use WuWei help me and heal me .for achieve state of Wuwei some time can be quite painful and not that Entertaining at all.. but when every day something is dropped.Less and less is done,Until Wu Wei is achieved.When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.
Go with the flow~~
Briefly, it means to follow the flow of nature, without trying. Rather than constantly trying to fight situations and control them, which is unnatural and self-defeating, it is better to understand the true nature of the Tao, behaving completely naturally and in tune with the natural order of things.
People often try to control countries or companies with rules and law, regulations and use policing ,This feels like it should work since we can control our car or build structures with principles, checking etc.

The problem is that people are not inanimate objects. When we try to control them (action, wei) they react and often retaliate. So our action creates a neutralizing reaction. If we understand the Dao, we can act according to its principles, avoiding the resistance of people and working with the support of the law of nature rather than against it.

when two different decision meet and against each other,who should follow who's decisions? by wisdom of Dao,don't follow the Man- made laws ,the world should ruled by letting things take their course.it cannot be ruled by interfering. So do your own way,do nature's way, Do "Wei Wu Wei" WAY!

WU WEI is the core concept of Chinese Taoist philosophy.
‘WuWei ’involves knowing when to act and when not to act. Another perspective to this is that "Wu Wei" means natural action - as planets revolve around the sun, they "do" this revolving, but without "doing" it; Or as trees grow, they "do", but without "doing". Thus knowing when (and how) to act is not knowledge in the sense that one would think "now" is the right time to do "this", but rather just doing it, doing the natural thing.”Wu-wei is one of those concepts incredibly difficult to translate into English,because even hard to write simple sentence in Chinese! today in some peopleós
mind and think wuwei is mean Do Not do anything and think Wuwei is Very passive state of mind! But we shouldn't thinks this way! as we all know that Ocean(water)very useful and peaceful~~but when Ocean take action can be very aggressive which we all know what's look like! So when person who really achieved state of WuWei and he/she will automatically knowing right time do the right things.which is can showing both aggressive and passive.like wind can bring us cool breath ,but same time when Strong winds meets with ocean than became Violent storm~~
but Gusty winds don't last all morning; downpours cannot last all day. this is Nature's way..
practice of WUWEI without practice...

The great Tao flows everywhere,
both to the left and to the right.
It loves and nourishes all things,
but does not lord it over them,
and when good things are accomplished,
it lays no claim to them.
The Tao having done everything, always escapes
and is not around to receive any thanks or acknowledgement.
Like water, the Tao always seeks the lowest level, which man abhors.
It does not show greatness and is therefore truly great. [Dao de Jing 34]

The soft overcomes the hard in the world
as a gentle rider controls a galloping horse.
That without substance can penetrate where there is no space.
By these I know the benefit of nonaction [wu wei].
Teaching without words, working without actions--
nothing in the world can compare to them. [Tao Te Ching 43]
Eternal Tao doesn't do anything,
yet it leaves nothing undone.
If you abide by it, everything
in existence will transform itself.
When, in the process of self-transformation,
desires are aroused, calm them with
nameless simplicity.
When desires are dissolved in the primordial presence,
peace and harmony naturally occur,
and the world orders itself. [Tao Te Ching 37]
...For a human being to survive as a human being , we need to loosen ourselves from constant mindless activity, we need to be inwardly detached from our work, we need to mentally and emotional withdraw from all external involvement. This inner withdrawal is called "wu-wei", non-action. .If we practice non-action, we open ourselves to Spiritual Reality, the Dao...It is characteristic for human beings to be happy when we open ourselves to this spiritual dimension. Though external involvement is necessary and fruitful, it only makes sense if we have first discovered depth and truth in ourselves. The Daoists did not preach escape. What they advocated was the return to deeper waters where the human spirit could discover its own worth.This meant: withdrawing from external noise and diving into an alert silence.

Honest words are not beautiful;
beautiful words are not honest.

The heavy underlies lightness.
The still overcomes unrest.

Empty yourself of everything. Let your mind hold to stillness.
The ten thousand things rise and fall while the Self watches their return.
They teem and flourish, then return to the source.
Returning to the source is stillness which is the way of nature.

Movement generates heat,
but stillness overcomes it.
Stillness and tranquillity
set things in order in the universe.