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Finally something original

So I have just finished recording my first original which I shall upload tomorrow sometime and honestly I feel kind of relived. It is just a solo acoustic piece one of many more originals to come, but not necessarily of the same style. I am still in the experimentation stage in my music, and so a lot of my stuff will vary quite significantly, but in some way that's what I enjoy about the guitar. I've called the piece 'just a feeling' because that is precisely what it is. I was sitting on a bench outside one day in the suburb of Mt. Waverley, was probably one of the best days I had seen all year. Not too hot, not too cold, the perfect breeze. And so I Just started to play what I felt and what you hear is pretty much what I played then. A feeling beyond words which can only be expressed through what I played. Yes I changed the occasional nuance here and there and perhaps a chord or phrase but the essence of what came out at the time still very much remains and I hope you are able to get a glimpse of that through my video.


Update: 01/Fab/2010

This is my cover of Tommy Emmanuel's 'Angelina'. I always liked the tune of this song, but never realised he was using a pick and his fingers so i gave it a try. Unfortunately i do not have a good 6 string acoustic (steel string) so i got my dad's 12 string Maton and took away 6 strings. I actually don't mind the sound, goes alright. Tried to make some deals with some guitar shops but no one cared :( ah well, the 12 string will do for now. Just going
into Uni now, but i'll keep the uploads more frequent.


Jesse's youtube featured video Classical guitar (1,132,313 views/ Favorited:6,243 times / 6700 ratings/ Comments 5,786) PS:I
am not twins OvO..

Update: 18/06/2009

GUITAR SOLO CONTEST~Soundtrack of Summer~(Deadline: July 1st, 2009)ASSESSMENT CRITERIA:All entries will be valued based on composition,

technique and sound.Yes, I was invited to be 1 of 8 judges for this contest on YouTube lol



Update: 08/05/2008
Jesse have been selected to participate in 20:20@3MBS(103.5 FM) Classical Radio Station in Melbourne. If your not in Australia it will be played on the 19th or 20th of September between 9 and 10am. You can access the radio station via the internet.I recorded "J.S Bach BWV 999 Prelude in D Minor" and "Heitor Villa Lobos Prelude in Eminor" on the 16th of August


Update: Apr 15, 2008: Recently Jesse L successfully hold a Chanllenge for English version of the Chinese song(Clay Figure) in youtube!! So far we had 16 contestants upload their videos! please check them out! they are awesome and fun to watch! here is link Contestants for Clay Figure