MY First Blog

So this is the first time I've ever done something like blogging so sorry if i'm not really up to date with how things work but i'll give it a go and hopefully work it out. I guess mostly I'll be writing to update people on how my music is going, where I am at with songs and studies, and sometimes just to simply entertain my thoughts in writing. I guess in reading my blog you'll learn a bit more about my thoughts, philosophies and personality towards music - that which might not be expressed in my music or videos. I don't really expect a lot of people to read my blog as it is much easier to just watch a video of me playing; however, even if just one person finds this the slightest bit interesting then it will not be a total waste of my time. Anyway, to actual blogging stuff.I'm actually in the middle of a month long holiday overseas in singapore and am scheduled to play at two weddings in the next two weeks. It's nothing big,

just helping out a couple of friends, but its a chance for some more stage experience. During a recessional at a wedding I played at back in Aus, I didn't realise until I started playing how nervous I would become. As I started to play the intro to This Old Love (Lior) I kinda became a little stiff. I figured it was because of the fact that it was a girl's wedding day and supposedly they are supposed to be 'perfect'. I was concentrating hard to not even play a note 'un-nicely'. In the end I got through the song easily enough (it's really not that hard) and everyone was happy. Guess I'll be that little more prepared for these next two weddings. I'll let you know how they went, and if possible i'll try to record my solo performance in one of the weddings so stay tuned.

I only have my acoustic guitar with me in Singapore, but it is enough to right down ideas and come up with melodies. I constantly have my iphone with me so when I'm playing and come up with something I like, i can record it then and there. I think too many times I've let a good tune/melody/set of lyrics slip away just because I couldn't remember what I had written. In terms of my next video, I'm still working on the actual song. It will be my first original piece I will have uploaded so I'll be a little nervous to see what people think. It is (at least so far) just a short simple acoustic instrumental piece that I came up with one day sitting on a bench outside. It isn't extremely technical, just a simple piece I thought I would use as my first original to upload on the internet. I have countless song ideas and pieces that i would eventually like to complete and show people, but i have realised over this year, that it really isn't easy to write music you like, let alone music that other people will like. Especially when it is an electric piece and I have to come up with a backing track as well. Those pieces will take a lot more time and effort but I will make it a point to eventually have them completed and uploaded for people to listen to.

I don't know if this was too long for a blog or not but hope it was okay to read at least on some level.
If you are one of the people who actually read the whole post, I will be trying to post a new blog every week so come back later on next week to read my new post.
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Truthful Music

So in my second week of university we've been looking at cities, (you know the history/origins and their emergence etc...) and if there is one thing I have taken out of these past two weeks it's that; cities are in many ways a reflection of their societies values and cultural truths. At least that's how it was in ancient times, and arguably it still is a trait fo many places today. Now before I bore you all talking about Urban history I think it has become more apparent to me that the same 'reflection of truth' is mirrored in the art of creating music.

Now this might seem obvious to a lot of you because of the basic fact that well.. Different cultures have different music and therefore they are reflections of their own different and respective ideals. And the difference is clear, You listen to some traditional Chinese music and some Jamaican and your gonna see a big difference. But the truth I am talking about is kind of hard to define. If we go to modern day western music I am talking of the truth in terms of the song/piece's 'honestness'. I think the 'honestness' (which from here I will call 'truth') of a song greatly affects it's quality. (Excuse my arbitrary use of words here, I havent the best vocabulary). If we take a song by Metallica. Sure it is metal, and yes a lot of people aren't fans of metal music, but in my opinion they are respected (even by non metal fans) because of their song's message/truth. They aren't cheap pop songs just made for the commercial world that are off the radio as soon as they are on it. And again, I think it is this very 'truth' in a song that adds to how good it is. Metal music will a lot of the time will reveal the song writers angry/frustrated side and when it is produced in the form of music you get this distinct 'metal' sound or 'metal' theme. I wouldn't dare say that metal is limited to the emotions of anger and frustration but it is a good general way to look at it I think.

I'm feeling some people might say: 'but can't music just be an end in itself? Does it really have to be a reflection of some truth?'. I think this would more apply to instrumental music, but even instrumental music can portray a particular reality, but then again I am forced to admit it doesn't always, or at least we don't always know what the artist had in mind. And there's the beauty in music. It can conjure any emotion to anyone person. Sometimes the same song will speak to people in different ways, and I think that's just amazing.

A lot of the time I can't really conclude in my blogs, basically because the things I end up talking about can sometimes be a tad circular and a little confusing. But in the end, I more value music that is created with some kind of intent, and even though it is not always obvious what that truth is, it is definitely there somewhere between the notes and the sound. The whole is greater than the some of its parts.But hey that's just meWhat about you guys?

Jesse L   
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I know a few of my friends who are currently in bands trying to make a big time music career and I'd have to give them some respect. Some of them have EP's some are still just playing cover gigs but they're all waiting for their lucky break. I mean these guys are extremely talented but so much of it comes down to luck. As with almost with everything, you gotta be in the right place at the right time. I'm sure a lot of bands these days have what it takes, but just aren't lucky enough.It's like a career gamble really. The jackpot being becoming international superstars,
and the minimum being a local cover band playing other people's music. The thing I've been wondering about is whether if all your achievements in your music career resulted in you being the friday night local pub cover band, could you still be fulfilled by your music? Would it be any different to say being a bedroom guitarist who just uploads videos to youtube?
And it all comes down to what you value. *You might find that in the course of my blog entry I tend to answer my own questions from time to time.* Of course if it is money you desire you will clearly not be content with a weekly pub/ bar gig. Your going to want the big stage, the stadium, the arena and 9/10 your not going to be happy with what you have because money - a finite material possession cannot possibly fulfil what your seeking. However, if it is music you desire as a musician, as long as you appreciate that type of music you will be content. I hold the belief that music is timeless, like in my last blog I mentioned that music had a transcendental nature about it. To me at least, money will dwindle away, but music will continue to sound forever. I guess a lot of what I say about music can be parallelled to real life. I mean the same thing goes for any job, if all you want in your life is to attain countless amounts of money, I'm sorry but money has an end.
And I really don't think your going to be able to take your money with you after your time is up. But you could spend your life doing something you loved, helping others, passing down something for future generations to find like wisdom, music, art, literature etc.. You might think it weird for me to compare music to life itself, but after all isn't life a song? It plays out in various ways, with various types of people in various cultures, and just as music is universal amongst the world, well so is life. Keep on playing till the day the music dies, although i hope it never does. More go to


Notes on a Page

So been working on a few things lately. Couple of original pieces, a few classical ones; my friend also asked me to compose some background music for a slide show of scenic images and video footage which will be something different for a change too. I think as a musician you need to have your main style/approach to things - Something that your unique in and that you've mastered, but also have the ability to play and use other techniques too. It's like my school teachers used to tell me about life - 'try to achieve everything in something and something in everything'. I reckon the same could apply to your musical instrument. Try to really master one style and still be able to play the rest of them adequately. Although I am still wondering which style I would end up choosing. Any suggestions?

You know I've always kind of wondered what music really is. I often hear people explain that it is just 'notes on a page' - and although that is not untrue, there is definitely more to it (well in my opinion anyway). To me, the notes on a page are like a language. A language just the same as what you would find in the books of Shakespeare but musicians just have a different way of expressing it. I assimilate the notes on the page to the words on the page of a book. And instead of using speech to communicate the language, we use the various frequencies of sound that our respective instruments create. And just as the words in a book convey a meaning/message, so too do the notes on a page generate meaning when played. A lot of music cannot be expressed in words (except pop songs of course) as it is a language in another realm. Yet it  is so universal, that two people from two completely different countries could hum a tune together and 'speak' to each other through the mystery of music. I'm sure you might have experienced a time where only a song could explain your feelings or your pain and again I think it reveals how music has a sort of transcendent nature to it - something beyond our sound understanding. Well I think it's quite interesting but maybe that's just me.More go to