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Lyrics: Clay Figure (Inside Each Other) original tune to a lovely old Chinese poem originally uploaded and translated into English by Hongkong007A.

So much love, you and I, And it burns like a fire.

The sea may dry, rock may crack, But my love will never die.
I will take, this lump of clay To make a figure of you.
It leaves me with your smiling face That helps remind me of you,
I mould another, figure of you So we are side by side for all time.
I take both figures,and smash them all to pieces Mix them with water,to mould a figure of you.
From now on I can say I am in your clay,You are inside mine.
The sea may dry, rock may crack,But my love will never die.


History About this song/poem (original message from youtube frined "hongkong007A")
"About this song!
the song I am singing is very old Chinese love poem comes from Yu Dynasty and Original this poem written by a lady to his husband!I think is cool song with nice meaning which we can use for relationship/friendship and very inspirational for the East and West Multicultural exchange and so on!only is pity,I can't singing in English:(
But I try to translate this song into English! I wish if some friend on Youtube can singing this song in English! that's will be so so awesome and fun! any one of my friend would like to try out?! here is the song"~~~April 08, 2008~~~

"So much love,You and I,
That it,burns like a fire.
The sea may dry out;
The solid rock may be rotten,
but my love will never die!

In which I bake a lump of clay,
molded into a figure of you,
Leaves behind your smiling face for me to review.
And I molded into figure of mine,
we are next to each other,side by side .

Then I take both of figures
And break them into pieces,
And mix the pieces with water,
Mold again a figure of you and I
from now I can say that:
I am in your clay.
you are inside mine "

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(歌詞) 你儂我儂 忒煞情多,情多處 熱如火﹐ 滄海可枯 堅石可爛,此愛此情永遠不變﹐ 把一塊泥 捻一個你,留下笑容 使我長憶﹐ 再用一塊 塑一個我,常陪君旁 永伴君側﹐ 將咱兩個 一起打破﹐再將你我 用水調和﹐ 重新和泥 重新再做﹐再捻一個你 再塑一個我﹐ 從今以后 我可以說﹐我泥中有你 你泥中有我。 

本歌是來自于元代管道升寫給丈夫趙孟俯一首名為《我儂詩》: 你儂我儂,忒煞多情 ,情多處,熱似火。把一塊泥,捻一個你,塑一個我,將咱們 兩個一齊打破,用水調和,再 捏一個你,在塑一個我,我中有你,你中有我 。我 与你生同一個衾,死同一個槨。  


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comments by Joanna4real
that was beautiful.I love the lyrics...and now when I know how old the poem is..oh my!I'm going to give it a try and maybe will post a video for this. Will it be very bad if I changed the melody? I just don't want to repeat your work:)

comments by ktran11
nice! never too late to post an old love song! hehe, fun to listen to.
comments by tjdonnellan
i really enjoyed listening to this song and I love the sound of your voice..look forward to hearing some versions sung in English!
1st contestant "TommyAndreStrand" from Norway
Comments by kickass3876
omg you are wonderful!
do you have the chords that u play i would really like to learn them
Comments by ToneMarieS
Fantastic! An inspiring interpretation of a beautiful song. I think your voice is amazing.
Comments by mattmanmkb
that was really nice. 5 stars and thanks for putting up the chords so i can go and learn it.
Comments by friendalways99
you singing so beautifully!
if you take time and take this work to a pro studio to mix,you may have big hit and sale some CDs from this song!
2rd contestant "aluraparr" from Canada
Comments by UnLedDead
Wow! You put a great flow to this version of this song. You brought out a dreaminess with your voice but with determination that the words will become true because you and your music say it will be so. Great voice,great guitar,and great interpretation of this song- 5*****!
Comments by blackjerryboymetal
Forget the song,Girl,You have one of the most amazing smooth voices I'v ever herad, rivaling the best! You seriously need to find help on using it,and finding the right people ti notice you.A million you tubers mean nothing really, you need to find

Comments by ajittffcure

Very good effort! Hats off to you! Also, it was really nice of you to contribute your part for translating this wonderful Chinese love song!

3rd contestant "Joanna4real" from United States
Comments by DanPostropheL
Wow! This would make a wonderful wedding song.
The image of love and commitment -- of two lives becoming so totally unified is wonderful. The thought of the love being stronger and longer lasting than the ocean or solid rock -- is also compelling.Add your strong voice, and I was stunned. Thank you. I have to share this with stef -- livingpassion. She'll love it.-dan'l
Comments by Jazzguts
You did this song with great expression,and the lyrics with it's symbolism is also very good,enjoyed it,greets Victor.
Comments by lemintrepid
Yay! The classical is back in action! This is beautiful Jo. Most impressed! I'm starting to hear your voice in my sleep after working on you know what and now I'll have this my head too!!! 8^P
4th contestant "elmetallico111" from Portugal
Comments by dylanandcolerhot02
ummm... alil different then I would expect a chinese song about peace 2 b but I like it... Rock on!
Comments by okhirock
this is called mother fucking punk. because at the end it goes!I LOVE THIS DUDE!!
Comments by lorkir
awesome your cover!! lol
yeaaahhhh! metal powaaaa!!
(you like metallica isn't it?)
Comments by alfalfasprout69
sounds fucking awesome... and man thats a killer guitar....!!!!!
Comments by AAAusAAA
you just like Jack Black in the movie "school of the ROCK!" Rock on>>

5th contestant " LesPaulLiberty" from United States
Comments by Joanna4real
A fact of being unique is the most important to me and your version is unique...that's why keep doing what you do no matter what other people say:))

Comments by TommyAndreStrand

I had a lot of really positive impressions watching this video!First of, your guitar is beautiful rugged looking, which goes well with your style man. I really like it. I bet you're a cool dude to hang and jam with!

Also, having your shoulders up clouded in black like that really set the mood suiting for your interpretation.

Lastly, your voice is awesomely cool. If you worked on hitting the notes on this song more then this would be perfect! =) Keep up the fun man.

6th contestant "pking4hjg" from United States
Comments by WalkTenPaces
Excellent! I really like this delta blues version :)Dustin
Comments by LaiYouttitham
Hey! this is not a bad one i've noticed few peeps are doing this song is something going ?
btw 5 stars

Comments by Ph4n3s
Thank you very much for your interpretation! :)

Kind regards,

Comments by TommyAndreStrand

Great job man! This version would be perfect on a moody jazz/blues club, with some low backing instruments. Very original. And I sooo love your hat and guitar! =) Cheers man!
7th contestant "overabuse" from China

Comments by soushimei
not bad to an hour's work.

Comments by  inaction01
hey mate! you should wait after big exam on Sat than you do this song!your dad going to kick your ass!
I like it!
4**** for you!

Comments by  TommyAndreStrand
Very good indeed for only an hour of work. Thanks for the video man =) I loved it. It was so honest. I think your video stands out from he rest of ours on this very point. Also I want your guitar =D ,Oh, by the way mate: I just went down for some pizza, and found myself whistling on your tune. It is beautiful. 5 stars.
8th contestant "dezerter86" from Poland (video missing,but check his new video out)
9th contestant "whitemousee" from Spain
Comments by  wizhack
It sound very good to me, we will apreciate very much if you put some more videos BRAVO 5 stars*****
Comments by  UnLedDead
I got sent this way by Jesse. I like the way ya did this one! I can see why he wanted you to do this one. You give it an energy and care that brings out the better parts of this song.I'd like to hear a bassist thumping away and a drummer thrashing away behind you. Your abilities would get them playing better and it'd be even more somethin' to hear! Thanks for your version! Best O' to ya!
Comments by  Ph4n3s

Gracias por compartir tu videito.
Cariños, Vanesa
10th contestant "Tony83Fonseca" from United Kingdom
Comments by like0humans0do
excellent awesome, the country style is a great idea for this song
Comments by JazzEthics
Cool! Even got yourself a "country" acoustic guitar!
Comments by philryanshow
Chinese country. Brilliant. This has to be a first! regards from London
Comments by whitemousee
it sounds so country!! i love your version. Its something very beautiful what we're doing with this poem, I've seen 12 versions yet! i did a punk version, thers a metal version... and much more!! thats great!
well, 5 stars from me!! very good job! and a very funny ending.:-)
11th contestant "DannyLoef1" from Netherlands
Comments by elmetallico111
fuckin nice man!

Comments by DSArmandoMusicMan

Excellent man !! Very nice ;)
Comments by TommyAndreStrand

Great job man. I really enjoyed it! =)
Comments by like0humans0do


Comments by visarathejoyful
cool buddy =

12th contestant "BrAdZrAd" from United States

Comments by whitemousee
you need to sing with more self confidence. And learn to play better. But i tell you that the melody is good!!. I wish i had begin at your age!! good luck! don't stop!
Comments by redrock18

You got talented
Comments by Richocaster
Cool. You Rock!

Comments by DSArmandoMusicMan

Cool man ;) good job
13th contestant "nelson79fonseca" from France
Comments by 4DRY4N
This is a good song, you did a great job with this blues version, 5* A.D. :)) thanks for sharing JesseGuitar07
Comments by TMUSICIAN
awesome! it really got a very vintage atmosphere, like a very old tape...
Comments by JusRay718
Great job on the blues version Nelson!
This one and the country version is the best for me so far.....Jus'Ray (Danny)
Comments by Fagapperd14
Great vocal sound for blues, love it.
Thanks Suze for sharing
Comments by TheFolksinger
Sounds are very nice, nice soloing. I'd like to hear the voice dominate more. Good going! 5 stars.
14th contestant "wizhack" from France
Comments by rivieredom
Excellente idée de mettre en musique ce poème chinois avec ce petit côté Zimmerman
orginal donc une pluie d'étoiles
Comments by pking4hjg
As usual, a beautiful rendition with your own innovative touch. Great work!
Comments by JC007ABCD
you should sing this song in french/English and Chinese plus with all your gears.haha!so far you has show us that ur great musician!awesome job!5/5 and favouite
Comments by amschuchart
WOW great song man!!, nice soundging recording setup to!
15th contestant "WalkTenPaces" from Canada
Comments by thenatureway
love your song very much!5/5
if your use better webcam and mic to record this song.. i will gave you 10/10..:)

Comments by midnightfirefly14
What a beautiful poem...I've never heard it before...thank-you for sharing it, and for adding beautiful music :)

Comments by doublesixther12
Dude, this song is so addicting. I heard this yesterday night, but I cant stop lsitening to it. :) lol cheesy

Comments by okhirock
keep up good work and get better webcam,if you haven't got money to buy a good webcan,I send to you some money! you are an awesome musician and you should think about what I said!

16th contestant "wiretwanger3" from United Kingdom
Comments by artgirlsreality
Beautiful lyrics!! Thank YOU for putting Peace, Lø?l? and Harmony into my weekend!! Cheers, Meg
Comments by DebbieVicari
wonderful I was even tryng to sing my variation with your playing.. good music for he concept.. like it! thus far I think one of my faves.
Comments by sherrilynn115
Love your version!! So soft and romantic! hehehe Hey Wire-nice to meet you!!
Comments by bandbsmom
wow im very honored to be an inspiration to your music! hugs shelly
Comments by mpos99
sounds like your Beatles fan!
good job:)
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