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Your ability to adapt and cope with any artificial body part depends on many factors, including your general health and well being. Dentures are one of the more vital body parts that require a lot of attention as it is often not a fixed body part, but one that sits on your gum tissues, especially when you have Full Upper and Full lower Dentures.

Your posture can affect the way your teeth contact and come together. Your muscles can affect dentures as muscle tension may cause clenching of teeth; be it natural teeth or Dentures.

Some of the muscles that assist in closing our Jaws run along the side of the Head (Temporalis muscle) near the temples and others along the side of the face and cheeks (Masseter muscle). Tension in these areas can affect the whole head and neck as well sometimes causing tension headaches and stiff necks.

The head and neck are part of the body and teeth play very important role in supporting the body as Digestion starts in the mouth. If you are able to chew your food properly your stomach can better process food often reducing the acid it requires to release for the digestive process. This can also increase your metabolism and so it follows that Teeth are a vital part of every persons health well being and appearance.

The next important part that affects our Dentures, teeth and muscles are joints. The Jaw Joint or Tempromandibular Joint is a powerful mechanism enabling us to crush food. The joint can deteriorate with time as can all other joints in the body and needs to be looked at from time to time if symptoms such as clicking, pain, clenching or grinding teeth is apparent.

The discs and ligaments in the joint, as in other areas of the body can, wear, slip or even tear in extreme cases.

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