Teeth Ears and Joints

What most people don’t realise is that the jaw is closely related to the ears. Problems with your bite and the muscles that control the jaw, be it with your dentures or natural teeth, can actually affect your ears.
The bone that separates your jaw joints from your ear canals is paper-thin. Try placing both of your little fingers inside your ears (pads of fingertips forward, nails to the back) Press forward gently while opening and closing your mouth. Most likely you can feel the movement of your jaw joint as you bite down.

Imagine if these joints are displaced, how they could disrupt the inner workings of the ear.

How a BAD BITE might affect the ears: What causes chewing muscles to tense or the jaw joints to dislocate? The most common cause is a bad bite. What do we mean by a bad bite? We mean the upper and lower teeth do not come together in a way to provide the proper bracing support for the jaw against the skull.

Teeth must come together every time you swallow approximately 2500 times a day and night. Poorly aligned teeth or even a missing tooth can cause the muscles to work harder in bringing teeth together. Eventually the muscles tire and become shortened and stiff. Replacing lost or missing teeth therefore is a vital part of healthy jaw and function of chewing.

Replacing your dentures regularly is paramount in keeping the correct bite to support the jaw and surrounding muscles. From the time the embryo develops, the jaw and ear bones start out as one and the same .As the embryo grows, these bones separate. The tiny bones in the ears are the smallest bones in the body. The ear and the jaw are close in proximity and also share nerve supply and muscle attachments. If you have ear pain or anything that feels out of the ordinary you must consult a specialist in that field, namely an ENT (ear nose and throat specialist).

Some symptoms could be;

  • Pain in the ears
  • Ear pressure or sense of fullness
  • Difficulty clearing ears
  • Ringing in ears
  • Dizziness

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