Let's Take a Bite

Biting, chewing, eating, mashing and grinding our food at least three times a day. Digestion begins in the mouth! Our mouth is the start of the entire process of getting the vitamins and nutrients into our body for daily functioning.

We often swallow food that has only been half chewed, and sometimes not properly.

Reasons for this can be varied. We are rushing, instead of taking time to sit down and eat our meals, it is a busy world. We are hungry and therefore just want to get the food in quick as we can, and do not chew properly, or we have a bad bite and are unable to chew our food.

When large chunks are swallowed the stomach is overloaded and releases more acid to digest. This also slows down the metabolism. In an ideal world we would take about twenty minutes to half an hour to eat our meals, and chew each piece well.A bad bite could contribute to not being able to chew food adequately whether we have our own teeth or Dentures (full or partial). A bad bite could also aggravate teeth or gums by excessive stresses. If upper and lower teeth do not come together properly.

Those powerful jaw muscles, which control the jaw, exert tremendous forces. These forces can be as much as 300 lbs per square inch in some people. Teeth are designed to withstand this force if it is directed straight down, example when hammering you must hit nail straight on otherwise the nail will bend. Similarly, misdirected forces of the upper and lower teeth against each other will weaken a tooth, put pressure on gums, teeth may even be forced to rotate and gums may resorb excessively and weaken support for teeth or Dentures.

In Dentures (full or partial) it is essential to keep your bite in balance. One way to do this is to try to eat on both sides, instead of favouring just one side for chewing. Another is to regularly replace Dentures that have worn out teeth on them. Prevention is better than a cure. Some warning signs in partial Denture wearer’s may be things like bleeding gums. In full Denture wearer’s it may be sore gums and pressure spots, flattened denture teeth or loose Dentures, ill fitting due to bone loss. Once bone and tissue is lost it is gone forever. Regular flossing and brushing, whether it is natural teeth or dentures, is important. A regular visit to the dentist is also essential when wearing partial Dentures, so your natural teeth, which support your Dentures, stay fit and healthy and clean.

For your Denture related concerns contact our Clinic. Take the time to understand your Dental health, it is your most priceless possession and worth the investment as it benefits your lifetime.

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