Denture Repairs

Denture repairs can generally be done in quickly depending on the degree of difficulty and our workload. We do our best to save you the embarrassment of going without your teeth any longer than needed, but we must follow the Infection Control guidelines for everyone's benefit. ?

Dentures usually break for a reason and we generally find most breakages are because people keep their old dentures well beyond their use by date. Dentures should be relined after 4 years and replaced after 8 years and sometimes even less, depending on your teeth grinding habits.

Dentures are not just repaired with glue as most people think. Before our Technicians can touch them and after they have finished repairing them, the denture must be thoroughly cleaned and soaked in appropriate cleaning agents.

After temporarily sticking the broken pieces together (or in some cases we need to take an impression of the Denture in your mouth), we need to pour a plaster model, prepare (grind) the broken surfaces, mix new acrylic and pour it into the join. They then need to spend time in a pressurized curing unit. Once cured they are trimmed and polished.

If you require a denture repair, please phone our Clinic on 03 9707 3956 or Moble 0438577228 for an appointment so we can arrange a suitable time to help you.

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Ph (03) 9707 3956 or Moble 0438577228