Precision Dentures (definition):
Precision Equilibrated Dentures as recognised in Canada and some European Countries consist of:
  • Primary Impressions
  • Secondary Impressions in custom trays
  • Intra Oral Tracing
  • Use of Face Bow
  • Use of Semi/Fully Adjustable Articulator
  • Premium Quality Teeth
  • Closed Flask Processing



Every mouth and jaw is different, like a fingerprint no two are alike. We take a record of your gums by using accurate impression materials initially, in disposable trays, and then make a custom tray to fit the outline of your gums exactly and take a second Impression. This provides the best foundation for your dentures. We use a vinylpolysiloxane material, which has good stability and reproduces detail of skin surface very accurately.


The teeth we place on the dentures are anatomical (reproducing natural shapes, form and cusps) and are of Premium Quality materials, using the latest technology. This gives a more realistic look to the Dentures, not giving such an artificial look to your teeth. This also will improve the ability to chew food more efficiently, as digestion starts in the mouth. The smaller we chew the pieces of food we swallow, the easier it is absorbed and less acid is needed to break it down. Efficient digestion is the key to good health, as all nutrients are absorbed through the stomach for proper function of our Body.


In order to achieve the most accurate position of your jaw while chewing, we use a technique called Gothic Arch (pin) Tracing.

We have designed our own tool for gothic arch tracing, called the “Oztracer “, it is currently used around Australia and being tried in overseas Countries as well as teaching Institutions.

It is based on technology from 1910, by Professor Gysi. This little device allows us to record a most accurate position of your lower jaw in relation to the Maxilla (upper).


We place your models (exact replica’s of your upper and lower gums in dental stone) onto an adjustable Articulator, using equipment, which allows us to transfer your Maxilla (upper jaw bone) position, via a FACE BOW. This enables us to duplicate the Head position and place your artificial teeth in a much more suitable position to suit your specific alignment. The teeth are placed according to anatomical landmarks, taking into consideration the gum loss over time and Facial support required to restore the correct height to your face, while also supporting upper lip.


With the above named techniques and measurements, we are able to replicate a lot of your jaw movements more accurately (but not all). Restoring the proportion of the lower third of the face, which in turn gives better lip support and reduces creases at corners of lip line. Improves the appearance of your profile, often reducing the protrusion of the chin, and the appearance of premature ageing.The use of an adjustable articulator versus the more commonly used plain line articulator, (see Photos below) allows us to simulate movements (translations) of the jaw.

Using these articulators then allows us to position the teeth on your dentures so they are balanced in right and left jaw translations as well as protrusive. This makes the Dentures more stable during chewing, balancing and distributing the pressure more evenly over your gums.

Centric,  Right Shift and Left Shift.

The denture base is then processed using a Closed Flask Continuous Injection Moulding technique (Ivocap system), which is currently one of the most accurate ways of processing the best fit for your dentures.

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