Welcome to Precision Dentures In Berwick
Have a look at your face in the mirror with your teeth and lips together.
Does your mouth let you down?
Are you interested in fuller lips, or a face where the mouth matches your age?

This patient had no idea how old her mouth made her look, until we took comparison photos. Now look in the mirror again!


Are you being treated for digestive problems? Has your Doctor or Specialist checked if your dentures allow you to chew your food PROPERLY? Find out more.


Talk to us about implants.

For a complimentary initial consultation and assessment, call us for an appointment or go to our Contact page.

Our Precision Denture services include the following procedures - Full Dentures, Partial Dentures, Overdentures on Implants, Immediate Dentures, Repairs and Relines.


Address : 3 Manuka Road Berwick Vic Australia. Email: caseyclinic@live.com

Ph (03) 9707 3956 or Moble 0438577228


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