Before & After Photos

Partial Denture Case Study 1

This patient had years of wear on his natural lower teeth from the porcelain teeth on his upper denture. Rather than make just a new upper denture we had his remaining lower teeth rebuilt and made a new full upper and partial lower denture. The lower teeth were rebuilt by a Dentist, to a height and shape we had determined.

Partial Denture Case Study 2

This next Patient came in for a new Partial Upper Denture. She had an old worn down partial denture and collapsed facial appearance. We established the new length we wanted the denture teeth set at and new facial height to restore her lip support. Then with teamwork, had a Dentist restore the length of her natural teeth to suit our requirements.

At the completion the patient had improved upper lip support, reduced creases in the area of facial lines (angle of the mouth) , less protruding chin and overall an appearance resembling her actual age rather than a prematurely aging collapsed facial height . Our patient is extremely pleased with the outcome and now has new found confidence. For more on Partial Dentures click here


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